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Our Mission and What We Do

The mission of Winn Property Maintenance is to provide high quality professional services in the landscape and property maintenance field while treating the customer’s property like our own. 

Winn Property Maintenance offers seasonal property maintenance services in the greater Concord, New Hampshire area. These services include landscaping, lawn care, snow removal and light carpentry repairs.  Our landscape, lawn care and property clean up services focus on residential and small commercial properties.  Snow removal services are focused on residential properties.  We are fully insured for any work that we are performing on your property.

Why choose us over the many other quality companies in the area?

Winn Property Maintenance competitive edge is based on quality and professionalism. Currently all jobs will have the benefit of the owner being onsite at all times.  This provides customers the highest quality job and will allow us to develop business systems to reduce expenses, increase efficiency and quality.  You will have direct access to me for questions and concerns throughout the process.

We will ensure that all interactions between the customer is conducted with our mission statement in mind.  We believe that professionalism and quality are the factors that attract and maintain customers for years to come.

My experience as a facility manager in both the private and public sectors is another reason to choose us.  I have been in your shoes as a customer trying to figure out what level of service a contractor is going to give me and having to fight for it.  I will provide the same level of service to you that I expect from contractors at my home or at a facility that I managed.